Explain Why High School Should Start Later Essay

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High School Should Start Later In The Day. Get up at 5:45, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and go to school. This is my morning routine and I never want to get up this early to go to school. In my opinion, I think school should start later. School would be so much better if it didn’t start so early. Making school start later will allow students to get more sleep, have more time to work on homework, and by having school start later it is making the roads and drivers all safer. In the first place, having school start later is better for everyone’s health. In order for your body to develop and grow you have to get enough sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, children undergo a shift in sleep patterns. Also sleep deprivation leads …show more content…

In schools that have delayed their start time they have either installed lights for practice to go later or have held practice before school. Most of their players have benefited from this change. Finally, when school starts later it is safer for students and other drivers. Teenagers that drive to school are often distracted by how tired they are. When teenagers are driving while tired this puts everyone in danger. If school were to start later there would be less tired teens driving. Also when school starts later kids are at home by themselves for a shorter period of time, because they get out of school closer to when their parents are done with work. This is a good thing because this leaves less time for things to go wrong after school. I just stated a few reasons why school should start later, but there are so many more. The main reasons why school should start later are we will get more sleep, improve our grades, and we will be safer. Imagine getting to sleep in every day not just in the summer and on weekends. This is what your life would be like if you went to talk to the principal right now. It is the right thing to

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