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I would like to go to Bergen Catholic High School for the education, technology advancements, and the Brotherhood that is experienced on a daily basis. These are a few of the aspects that drew me to your school.
The first reason I would like to go to Bergen Catholic is for the education. I tend to learn better in an environment where there are less distractions. I like that the focus at Bergen Catholic is on learning. The diverse course selection would give me the chance to pick classes that I would not normally be offered at other schools. It opens up a whole new door to learning. Also, I enjoy that Religious Studies is a main class. I think that it is very important to continue learning about your religion to help you grow as a Catholic, and as a person. Overall, I feel like Bergen Catholic’s education would suit me best.
The second reason why I would like to attend Bergen Catholic is because of your use of technology throughout the building. When I went to the open house, the Student Ambassador told me that his backpack is very light because all he needs is his laptop. Bergen Catholic is technologically up to speed and continuing to grow. For example I think that
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In school, I think that it is very important to be comfortable with your classmates. With this brotherly bond, it is not hard to feel accepted and safe while learning. Also, the brotherhood helps everyone feel equal. No one is looked down upon or made to feel greater or less than someone else. Bergen Catholic feels like a very accepting and welcoming environment to learn and grow. Lastly, the brotherhood brings you so close to your classmates that you will know them forever. It is pretty cool thinking that you are going to be friends with some of these people for the rest of your life. The brotherhood at Bergen would help me grow further as a student and as a
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