Factory Farming Is Inhumane Essay

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I researched the effects that factory farming has on animals, humans, and our community because I wanted to know exactly what happens to the animals that we are consuming. Factory farming is defined as “a system of rearing livestock using intensive methods, by which poultry, pigs, or cattle are confined indoors under strictly controlled conditions.” This topic should interest the reader because the process of factory farming is very inhumane and many people do not know what is actually in the meat they are consuming. I discovered that factory farming is inhumane and very unhealthy. To begin with, factory farming is very inhumane. According to “The Humane Farming Association,” Senator Robert Byrd even gave a speech on the issue. Byrd states that the treatment of animals is sickening and …show more content…

For instance, sows spend their lives in crates where they cannot move at all so they can feed their piglets. According to the author, piglets teeth and tails are clipped routinely after they are born, but anesthetics are not used. The piglets are also raised in small confinement until they are heavy enough to be slaughtered. Of course, pigs are not the only animals treated so inhumanely. Factory farmed cattle also live a disgustingly pathetic life. According to “Sustainable Table,” dairy cattle are forced to take antibiotics that increase milk production. In 1950, the average dairy cow produced almost 5,300 pounds of milk a year. Today, the typical cow today produces just under 20,000 pounds. This cannot be healthy for the cows or for anyone consuming it. This article also claims that beef cattle being sent to the slaughterhouse are sometimes not fully stunned and can be hung to bleed out while still conscious. Any person that believes this is humane should experience the process themselves. The last animals mentioned in this article are chickens. The lives of pigs and cattle is nothing compared to that of a chicken. The author states that

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