Women Enroll In Technology Essay

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Women make up half of the world’s population and relate to technologies differently than men. Computer Science is a discipline dominated by man hence why ICT, From its conception, reflects a male thought process and therefore more relevant to other men. Women need to have that type of relation with technology. Women should be have a space in which they are able to innovate and flourish in technology bringing their own thought process to the platform. There are more and more women enrolling in higher education and are graduating with advanced degree than men. However very few of them are enrolling in the sciences, engineering and technology programs. STEM - Science Technology Engineering Mathematics- programs seek to get both young men and women to be interested in theses disciplines that lead to high paying jobs of the future. But the emphasis is put of getting young women to enroll in STEM. Already the data are showing that more women are enrolling in STEM program, however the numbers are still lags to men. This is a challenge that women have to take owner and lead. There are strides made in the right directions with women led research initiatives doing the preliminary work in collecting analysing data to…show more content…
From a child born in the most affluent arrondissement of Paris, to a child born in a favela in Rio de Janeiro as well as that poor Haitian child born in the bidonville in La Saline in Port-au-Prince, ICT ICT4D must have an intimate relevance to their daily activity. This does not to mean a universal brand of technology to meet all needs. The technologies need to have a level of flexibility and capability to provide information in real time across regions, sectors right down to the individual wherever that person happens to exist on the
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