Feminist Politics Where We Stand Analysis

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Misinterpretation on feminism becomes an issue in America because the definition altered in various communities. In the essay, “Feminist Politics: Where We Stand”, the author Bell Hooks discusses the misconception of feminism in the United States. Bell Hooks states that the reason of the misconception of feminism occurs because of the patriarchy of America because mass media represents feminism as an anti-male group. However, feminism is the exact opposite of an anti male groups. Feminism defines itself for equality between men and women. Women created feminism because of the unfair treatment women face because of the male dominated patriarchy. Bell Hooks tries to convey her readers in “Feminist Politics: Where We Stand” by stating, “Feminist politics is losing momentum because feminist movement has lost clear …show more content…

The wage-gap between women and men in America exist. The income inequality exist because of male-dominated companies. In huge corporation, men are more likely to receive a raise and promotion in the workplace. Companies look towards male worker compared to female workers because health benefits the companies have to deal for towards women. Women cannot help if they have to go off work to deliver a baby. These issues are discriminatory towards women in the workforce. However, types of these discrimination happen in America because a male dominating patriarchy. The division between women and men is unjust because men and women should be equal. Equality should be a strive for a nation to receive for their country. Inequality between women and men creates division, when people should help one another out. Even religion creates a patriarchal system, Christians are called to love their neighbor. A person to love their neighbor is treating everyone as an equal. Society needs to garner equality between women and men because of the inequality going on in

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