Ffefu And Her Friends Character Analysis

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Fefu and her Friends Report Paper Fefu and her friends was written in the year of 1977 by the director and written named, Maria Irene Fornes. The current director, Sally Nystuen Vahle, from the Department of Dance and Theater at University of North Texas read the play and decided to establish the character experience to explore the value of art such as naturalism, gender equality, and friendship. The theater play is set in 1935 at New England where the play takes place at Fefu’s Country house. Therefore, this play was subsequently produced in the black box theater at Radio, Television, and Film building on September 24, 2015. In the beginning of the play, we visualize the growth of the character performance including Fefu, Cindy, Christina, Julia, Emma, Paula, Sue, and Cecilia and how it represent in the play. Next, the audience see the suspense on the character of Julia’s aspect of her hallucination that has frightened her due to shot on her spine which made her unable to walk again. Last, the play end where Fefu accidentally shot with her shotgun on Julia’s forehead during the rabbit hunt which has reveal that Fefu was the one who put Julia in wheelchair. The global theater production emphasize the permanent place that convince the audience that the design from background that show two large window with an …show more content…

Franking speaking, the fabulous performance regarding the character of Julia, play by Julie Petrasek, did an outstanding job of putting the character on the top of the tone. One thing that really inspire me was that the actor’s instrument on Julia during the middle of play where we see Julia lies in her bed with her unusual behavior by connecting her to recall the hallucination that has terrify her

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