Rise In Homeschooling

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Raw Copy 1 A couple was killed after a truck crashed into their car on Finkerton Highway, south of Flaxtown yesterday. The couple was travelling from Jamestown to the capital city of Flaxtown when a truck transporting bovines to a local abattoir lost control and veered onto the wrong side of the road before coming to rest. Twenty-eight bovines were also injured in the crash which cause the highway closed for about four hours. Flaxtown Police Senior Sergeant Rod Foxworth said the couple died instantly when their car was hit by the truck. “It was a sad day on the highway for these people because this was a loss bought by a moment of inattention,” Sergeant Foxworth said. “We really need to get the message out so that people will pay attention,…show more content…
“The rise in homeschooling could be a factor of student numbers dropping at Finkerton State School. “The Parent’s Organisation Learning Through Love has been advocating for parents in Finkerton to stop sending their children to school instead educate them at home now. “We had a dramatic drop in the school enrolment where more than a quarter of students have left over the past two years,” she said. Learning Through Love director David Hotchkins said formal school education was out-of-date with education research. “There is a study that came out three years ago stated that children should be given the chance to learn organically and classrooms do not facilitate that,” Mr Hotchkins…show more content…
Police spokesperson Senior Constable Jonathon Rhys said two men in their 20s were arrested after an investigation of the CCTV footage outside Chestertown Bank at Lachlan Street, Flaxtown yesterday. The men will appear at Flaxtown Magistrates Court in late November. Raw Copy 5 More than 300,000 Britain taking part in the annual Flaxtown Marathon this weekend, amidst the greatest event had ever seen. The Flaxtown Marathon takes place every year in June and people from everywhere take part to run in it. Flaxtown Mayor Alex O’ Grady led the marathon because he wanted to raise awareness of breast cancer. He will be running in pink which is the colour of Breast Awareness for Women, the organisation that carries out research into breast cancers. “My mother died of breast cancer when I was a boy and it is important for me to help this organisation that helps women and their families deal with diagnosis,” Mayor Alex said. “It is important that people understand cancer could happen to anyone,” he said. More than $1 million was raised at the event as the entrance fee is $5 for each participant and all the money collected will go to Breast Awareness for Women. Raw Copy

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