Foot Injury Research Paper

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Crush Injury of the Foot A crush injury of the foot happens when a great amount of force is suddenly applied to the foot. For example, this might happen if a heavy load falls onto the foot. This injury can cause damage to the skin and to many structures within the foot and ankle joint. Treatment will depend on which structures are damaged and how severe the injury is. HOME CARE If You Have a Splint: • Wear the splint as told by your doctor. Remove it only as told by your doctor. • Loosen the splint if your toes tingle, get numb, or turn cold and blue. • Do not let your splint get wet if it is not waterproof. • Keep the splint clean. Wound Care • If you have any skin wounds that were covered with bandages (dressings), follow instructions from your …show more content…

Driving • Do not drive or use heavy machinery while taking prescription pain medicine. • Ask your doctor when it is safe to drive if you have a splint on your foot or leg. Activity • Return to your normal activities as told by your doctor. Ask your doctor what activities are safe for you. • Work with a physical therapist (PT) or occupational therapist (OT) as told by your doctor. General Instructions • Do not put pressure on any part of the splint until it is fully hardened. This may take many hours. • If you have a splint and it is not waterproof, cover it with a watertight plastic bag when you take a bath or a shower. • Take over-the-counter and prescription medicines only as told by your doctor. • If you were prescribed an antibiotic, take it as told by your doctor. Do not stop taking the antibiotic before the prescription is done. • Do not use any tobacco products, such as cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and e-cigarettes. If you need help quitting, ask your doctor. • Keep all follow-up visits as told by your doctor. This is important. GET HELP IF: • A wound with stitches opens

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