Foucault's Pendulum Analysis

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Umberto Eco is a renowned Italian writer and philosopher. He has several best-selling works, one of which is the subject of this paper, "Foucault 's Pendulum." "Foucault 's Pendulum" is a novel, of a fair length. As a novel, it is written in prose. However, it was not totally written in a sequential or linear manner, a writing style usually adopted by the author. The author has chosen to begin the novel where the climax of the story was about to start. In this way, the reader will feel inclined to guess why the main character of the story ended up in that situation. Though the novel is fiction, some parts of the story had been based on the experiences of the author in his youth, as a journalist. Real-life books, mystics, writers and groups related to occultism and the esoteric were mentioned and made as a part of the story.

In whole, the novel has been written with a specific audience in mind. Literary critics have described this novel as "Dan Brown for the thinking man". If Dan brown 's "The Da Vinci Code" is a Hollywood blockbuster, then Umberto Eco 's "Foucault 's Pendulum" is an art house indie film. There are a lot of occult information, and names related to occult, that anyone who has no in depth knowledge, or at least, an encyclopedia with them, will immediately get lost about the connections between events, details and quotations mentioned in the novel. However, the action and thrill in the novel are not lost in the compendium of occult matters. The way the author

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