Manage Employee Conflicts: Business Analysis

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SYNTHESIS DOCUMENT Topic: How should a leader handle conflicts in team management in a company? Introduction The company can be defined as an organization of people of diverse origins who need to work together, often in a team within a definite time to produce a profitable result. These different people, called collaborators, sometimes have various interests, values, characters and attitudes towards a given situation in the workplace. It happens in the company that tensions of multiple origins befall within the teams and sometimes lead to conflicts on different scales. These disputes, stemming most of the time from a difference of interests can be mastered or managed, if the leaders or managers use specific methods or techniques. This fact …show more content…

Glenn Liopis is a serial entrepreneur, owning many thriving industries, and his goal is to guide leaders to be more inclusive and embrace a new kind of thinking. He approaches the theme along the same lines as Gemma Reeves, with the acceptability of conflicts as a way to reconnect collaborators. The third article is by Dan McCarthy "Five Techniques to Help You Manage Conflict in the Workplace" published on October 12, 2017. Dan McCarthy is an expert in leadership and management development. For over 20 years, Dan has helped thousands of leaders and aspiring leaders improve their leadership capabilities. In his article, he proposes a kind of conflict management toolkit, according to five types of conflicts identified. We will present in the following firstly the attitude of a leader or manager as a prelude to any conflict, and secondly the arrangements to be made during disputes within the …show more content…

It means that some effective leaders have demonstrated that they have had more genuine connections with their employees after some form of tension with them. It is understood here that some conflicts are not necessarily bad and can improve relationships and strengthen the links between the team members. Also, although it is vital to deal with conflicts, we must be able to understand that it allows us to learn about the leadership and the maturity of the manager or leader and to improve team management progressively in an unfavorable situation. Conclusion Lastly, the three articles discussed that propose solutions and techniques depending on the situation or the conflict encountered, have given us some useful answers to manage conflicts in teams. These solutions or techniques are different from each other, and the leader or project manager will have to deal with the conflicts as soon as they appear and put in any work to cope with them by the existing techniques proposed to improve themselves and also achieve the goals set by the company or

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