Freaks And Geeks Stereotypes

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Freaks and Geeks: Argumentative Analysis Upon making its debut in 1999, the hit-television show Freaks and Geeks has pushed the norms of American entertainment to its limits. The comedic television show has gained great credibility through its effective utilization of media techniques to create stereotypes. Both music and characterization are used to establish the relationships and social standings of various characters. It is known to be a challenge for authors, directors and creators throughout time to establish characters and utilize them effectively to portray a message. However, the directors for Freaks and Geeks were able to create stereotypes that were later used to ignite the conflict. The use of characters assists in establishing …show more content…

This can be true online, in real life, as well as depicted through a television screen. In Freaks and Geeks, music is utilized to further solidify the stereotypes beyond their physical appearance. The soundtrack of this episode varies greatly. The music is used to establish the moods, personalities and social statuses of the characters. What many envision as the music a ‘cool’ person would listen to is what is played to establish these connections between what we assume of the stereotype and what is actually consists of. More often than not, they are very similar. It begins in the first scene of the Pilot episode. The jock and the cheerleader are sitting on the bleachers and as he confesses his love, the music playing is uplifting. It depicts the love between the two. Nonetheless, when the camera pans down below the bleachers the mood changes immediately through the soundtrack (Kasadan 1999). The music becomes loud, obnoxious and heavy, creating the exact mood that would be expected from a stereotypical ‘cool’ person. Stereotypes are developed through the perceived personalities of characters. Kasadan chose to use music in order to make the personalities more distinct to the audience, the personalities we associate with being a

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