Hate Speech Should Be Banned Essay

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The KKK rallying in the streets, and offensive posters being put up in college campuses. Things like this are going on around the world. Free speech is being used to hurt those of different sexes, races, ethnicities. It’s being called hate speech. It has been going on throughout history and has been the basis of the biggest and bloodiest war ever WW2. Although banning speech goes against the first amendment, hate speech has negative effects on the people its directed at. Hate speech has been linked to negative health effects, it promotes hate crimes, and it is emotionally damaging to the people of those races, genders, and ethnicities hearing it. Hate speech has been linked to causing negative health effects on the people its targeted at. For example, when racial hate …show more content…

I’ll admit that in order to debate one’s perspective they sometimes need to be able to say offensive things. If hate speech is restricted how would the KKK express, their opinion to their followers and the world. I’m not supporting the KKK but they should have the right to voice their beliefs. However outside of debate words like the N word and fag are very hurtful to those people or groups hearing them. For example, “A black man employed by a Minnesota trucking company had racial slurs directed at him and was the target of graffiti written by fellow workers.” (Smeltzer, Terry L. LeapLarry R) Its acts such as these that make the case for restricting hate speech in America. Hate speech has been linked to causing health problems, advocates for hate crimes, and causes emotional instability in the person receiving the insult. Hate crimes and hate speech have gone on throughout history with Hitler and the Jews, America and African slaves, and more recently white Africans and black Africans. We need to restrict hate speech even if it means having to change the first amendment of the

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