Friendships In A Band

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I have been in band for 8 years. Words cannot describe how much I have enjoyed the past 8 years. When I chose to join band in 5th grade, I did not know how many friendships I would make from one simple choice. As I got better at playing the flute, the friendships grew stronger. In high school, I was in marching band, so that means more time spent involving band. During marching season, our Saturdays were consumed with band competitions. Because of the competitions, our practice times were every day during band class and every Monday afternoon. During practice time, we would have to go through a plethora of repetitions. If we did not do our best when we practiced at a particular part of the show, our band director would make us go back and do it again. His infamous words were “One last time” ; however, we knew that it was highly likely that we would have to practice the section more than once. Even though the whole band groaned as Mr. Ausbrooks said “One last time”, I will never forget the indirect impact …show more content…

During August, we would be practicing in high temperatures, so we would not want to stay outside doing the same section of marching over and over. However, we stayed out there and tried our best because we wanted to be successful. In the end, we were rewarded for the dedication we put into practicing. Just like anything else in life, I have to put in a great deal of hard work to be successful. If I want to be successful in anything I do, I know I have to put in much effort to make it happen. For example, if I want to graduate from college with double majors, I have to put in an enormous amount of studying to achieve this goal. The deeper meaning behind “one last time” is to work hard and give 100% effort in everything. This expression will carry on with me throughout my life; I hope that I will be rewarded for all the hard work I expect to do in

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