Gender Disquality In Turkey

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İlknur Güçlü 140144029 Eng106-08 GENDER DISCRIMINATION Since the beginning of time, men have always been considered that they are stronger than women in all way.In a perfect World, men and women would be equal in all matters. However, we do not live perfect world, and men and women are not equal in…show more content…
All countries in the world including Turkey, have a political culture. When we turn on the television, read the newspaper or surfing on the internet, it is hard to see women in politics. Over the last years, women are less active in professional life because of their gender. Even the women get rights into a male dominated World, they are still advancements to make it better. In some countries, women still have not earned the right to vote. (Dewey, 2013) In addition, even the women have a right to vote and stand for election, the male dominating is continuous. The number of women deputy is still a problem all around the World. In parliaments, the ratio of the women is just %22. The problem is not only containing Turkey, in Europe and the USA the number of women deputy is low. For instance, in Turkey, the ratio of procurator is %14,39 while it is %20 in the USA. (Samar, 2015) Even the number of women in politics much more than the past, women should more active to increase the

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