Gender Pay Gaps

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Gender Pay Gaps Introduction Gender pay gap by definition is the earning differences between women and men in paid employment in labor market. It is one of the many indicators of gender inequality in a country when examining labor market participation in terms of gender (OECD). The study “Global Employment Trends for Women” published by the International Labor Organization (ILO) in 2018 provides current information about the global gender pay gap. When looking at the decline or increase in the pay gap between women and depend all on the data available and change between regions and countries. According to the ILO, the progression of the gender pay gap is slow in Europe and Central Asia. The History of gender pay gap This issue has been present for many decades and has become an even bigger problem in today’s world. In the present day, women have more opportunities that were not accessible long-ago, but still must overcome and overlook the barrier that is still present; being a woman. “Gender differences in starting salaries are a significant contributor to long-term earning differentials between men and women” (Bowels and Babcock). Men and women in the workplace should be paid the exact same if they do the exact same job, get it done in the exact same way, and in the exact same time frame. If one over the other does not get it done right, then and only then would there be an explanation as to why the pay would not be there. It is still unnerving when we are in the 21st

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