Men And Leadership Literature Review

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Refer to (Schein, 1989) states that both men and women, not just one. However, depending on the biological term. But the social role of gender determined by contemporary social roele since these are determined by culture. There is so much diversity among women, although they will bring diversity to the leadership, according to Schein (1989), eventhough a lot of research has proven the difference between female and male. It is believed that the difference between women and men are less. Moreover, the difference between the sexes is less than the difference in sex. In the late 1960's and early 1970 research found that ipeople who were seen as more power, and women were seen as warm or expression. At that time, a man and …show more content…

Their positive emotions by displaying and creating images that inspire future (Bass, 1997), the exchange between leaders and followers are clearly defined by leadership in the transaction. Nine factors that will represent the theoretical leadership (Avolio and Bass, 2002), which is made up of five factors of transformational leadership three factors leading to the transaction and laissez faire (Antonakis, 2003) also led to changes in the views of individual exhibitors. In addition, the leaders still regard their colleagues personal development of the individual and their personal needs. A transformational leadership style will likely be less than in culture however with high power distance.

Leadership role to influence leadership behavior.. This is simply because of gender roles (Eagly and Johannes Schmidt, 2001) Agentic the community features seem particularly relevant in the context of leadership attributes. Prominent freedom and competition that would apply to men instead of women. In addition, community features such as helpful, emotional ,sensitive and interpersonally use more strongly by women as compared to

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