George Washington Compare And Contrast

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When people think of the names “Washington” or “Obama,” they typically think of our first and forty-fourth presidents, George Washington and Barack Obama, but they don’t usually think about our first and forty-fourth first ladies, Martha Washington and Michelle Obama. Both of them helped their husbands win the love of their countries and shape their time as president. They might have not been fully running our country, but they influenced the minds of the men who were. These two women were from two very different times, but somehow were still so similar. Everyone knows the name George Washington. He wasn’t only our first president, but he was also the commander-in-chief of the war that started it all, the war that gave us our independence from Britain. He set precedents for all of the following presidents- precedents that we still follow today. Multiple …show more content…

Of course, they were both the First Ladies of the United States of America. Both of these women were smart. Maybe Mrs. Obama is more educated than Mrs. Washington was, but that is because of opportunities women have now. It was rare for women in the 1700s to know how to read and write, but Martha Washington was able to, and she was also able to make smart decisions, just like Michelle Obama. Both of these women were also brave. Their husbands became president, but it wasn’t all glitz and glamor. They had to deal with the hatred that of course some people had for their husbands, even though it seemed like no one seemed to dislike George Washington. Being president is not an easy job, and neither is being the First Lady. Hard decisions, exhausting work, and the fear that any wrong move, the country could possibly fall to ruins or the entire population could hate the First Family. Without these two important women, their husbands presidencies would have not been the same. The people loved them which helped gain popularity for Mr. Washington and Mr.

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