Compare And Contrast George Washington And Jefferson

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Having a president is something that no country had ever done, or thought to do. The first election was in 1789, where George Washington became the first President. Eight years later in 1797, John Adams was elected to be our second president. Four years after that, Thomas Jefferson became our third president. No one knew exactly how this new idea would affect the United States, but we had to take a leap of faith. Having a president ended up being a great thing for America, it brought a sense of leadership without one person having too much control. Washington, Adams, and Jefferson each had a different way of growing up, they had distinct characteristics, and they lead in various ways.
George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. His father died when he was eleven years old, so he lived with his mother and would move around Virginia to stay with relatives. Washington was hoping to join the British navy, but his mother did not want that so he respected her wishes and stayed home. George Washington did not have a terrible childhood, but still much is not …show more content…

People trusted him, and respected everything he said and did as president. George was intelligent, but at the same time he was a people person and could work a crowd. He said the right thing, and was overall a well respected leader and president. John Adams was a kind leader, and was all about peace. He helped the people know that things would be okay, he made the people calm in times where they should be worried. The people loved him, and he loved his country and everyone in it so much. Thomas Jefferson liked to do things differently than everyone else, but only if it benefited our country. He spoke his mind, even when people did not agree with what he was saying. Thomas was a very smart man, but he knew that he was not perfect. He always wanted to grow, and learn from

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