Get The Knife Get A Dog But Get Rid Of Guns Analysis

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In the world we live in today guns are surrounded throughout society placing harm on people and their lives. Though guns are expected to be limited by the government they are obtainable almost to all people of all ages in which should not be acceptable. In Molly Ivins essay “Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get rid of Guns” the author speaks upon the misuse of guns and it's over accessibility to regular people. Therefore I claim that well trained and disciplined individuals who work for the government should only be entitled to firearms in order to destroy the irresponsible use of guns. Ivins essay argues that allowing uncontrollable citizens to have guns is ruining the security of our free state. She gives examples of how guns can be dangerous in different ways one such as family arguments ending in murder this in which could have been avoided if there were no guns to attain in the first place. The author uses sets of comparisons to further her argument. She compares automobiles to the way the distribution of guns should be should be handled things like licensing them and their owners, restrictions to use on people who are presumably sane, and records on what is sold to whom. Another comparison the author uses is the skills of someone who masters martial arts compared to as she states any fool being able to “pick …show more content…

Then I thought to myself the argument to increase gun control has been a rising problem for years now. A gun can be transported illegally from all over the world unfortunately ending up in the wrong hands. As Molly Ivan says in her narrative “Fourteen year old boys are not part of a well regulated militia”, she implies that even children of such young ages have access to guns causing an endangerment to society. The issues on gun control are ongoing and controversial especially through presidency's, congress, and the

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