Mid-Term Reaction Essay: Global Issues

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Global Issues: Mid-Term Reaction Essay Globalization is defined as the free flow of goods and services, which promotes free trade. What helped me grasp the significance of globalization was its complexity. I learned that globalization is not a one sided issue, but multi dimensional with pros and cons. On the positive side, globalization promotes free trade, or the free exchange of goods and services among countries. This reduces deep poverty by increasing wealth for all nations.On the negative side, globalization can also hurt the environment because middle classes are big consumers of natural resources. It is predicted that over the next 50 years`, as much as 2-3 billion people will join them. Another factor is protectionism, which is the…show more content…
Obstetric fistulas are an abnormal tearing between the vagina and rectum caused during pregnancy. This results in the constant leaking of feces and urine. Sex trafficking is the abuse of women through prostitution, which robs them of their own dignity and full bodily autonomy. What made me understand the importance of these issues was its irrationality. Every time a woman is being forced into sex work or being banished from her community due to an obstetric fistula caused by an erroneous pregnancy, that is half the contributions of the population we are losing. However, amidst these these problems women face, there lies a simple and life-saving solution. It’s called education. When you educate a woman from a developing country, you create a harmonious cycle. Once that woman is schooled, she can get a job that will allow her to improve the life of both her and her family. This then creates more opportunities for the family, thus allowing them to repeat the cycle. So the question now is, what are we waiting for? Women’s issues are crucial for us global citizens to understand because we can’t move any further without women. Women’s issues are global issues because women are global citizens. So when their voices are heard and their needs addressed, that is one major step in the right
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