Globalization In Developing Countries Essay

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Developed countries did not just become a great country. They need strategies to make that happens. One of their strategies is to work with other countries and support each other to gain benefits of other countries. Having a trading activity with other countries is an example to this. Known as “export-import”, this kind of activity brings a lot of benefits of the countries that are getting involved such as access to technology, health, and education. Developing countries can actually follow this method to improve their countries. Thus, “developing countries should be more globalized by doing export and import activity due to access to technology, health, and education”. As mentioned above, technology is one of the perks a developing country…show more content…
Therefore, education plays a big role in making developing countries to be more developed. By being more globalized, developing countries could gain better education access than before. Export and import activity could also transfer education from a country to another. So, learning education thought by others that are more professional or better from developed countries could help a lot on improving developing countries that might still be struggling to be a better country or to compete with other countries, especially in the global market. By doing an international trading, knowledge could be transferred from country to country. Teachers could be teaching in different countries and help others especially those who are from developing countries that might need those educations such as education for nutrition and birth control, or even understanding and accepting diversification. One of the examples is Institute of International Education, which was established at the end of World War I to promote educational exchange for students and teachers in order to advance global understanding. It sponsored the creation of international relations clubs on campuses (Reimers). Another example would be when International baccalaureate was developed after World War II with hope that students could recognize their common humanity with other students of different nationalities
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