Statement Of Purpose For Intercultural Communication

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My interest in intercultural communication and determination of pursuing a career in international education motivated me to apply for the MA ICBP at Warwick University. The decision has been carefully made based on my bachelor degree in International Communications Studies with Spanish, voluntary teaching in primary schools in China and Cameroon. After graduation, I wish to work for as an administrative coordinator in an international education institution or as a program manager of NGO, promoting quality education. With 3-5 year working experience, I will head for a PhD degree to prepare myself for a research-oriented position.

Undertaking my bachelor degree in the first Sino foreign university, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), is the first step for me to engage in cross-cultural communication as a learner. The adapting to a western education system requires students, who received over 12 years traditional Chinese education, to use their transferable learning skills within a totally different teaching and learning style. At the beginning, I was faced with difficulties because of many differences in assessment system, attitudes towards answers, student-teacher relationship, and degree of participation. Although the first year of the university is about foundational modules for academic writing, presentations and research, I think the learning would have been more effective if the university had provided students with relevant courses in cross-cultural

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