Golf Marketing Strategy

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This report aims to provide a detailed marketing plan for POCKETPAL a golf laser range finder. The laser range finder industry in India is very niche product.This product is not commonly used by the Indians and it seems to be an luxury for the middle income people who struggle to play golf. It however is the need for the top notch corporates and rich business men play golf for pleasure . It is common amongst people with very high income and either use it as a status symbol oran accessory for their game.The product is designed and priced to cater mainly two segments of India- people with high income group who can spend money for luxurious games like golf and people who are passionate to play golf. The product aims to be positioned …show more content…

There is a huge untapped market for making our product to become the leaders in the market.Demand estimation for laser range finder:
•There is high potential for selling this product in the metro cities initially due to growing purchasing power & awareness of the urban population.
•Also the urban people are more ready to experiment with new products as observed from the survey.
•The emergence of the ever growing upper class sectors is an opportunity.
•People are willing to pay premium price for quality products.

Competitor analysis
Currently the golf range finder is available in major US brands like Callaway iq laser rangefinder and Leupold PinCaddie.However their price range are $348 and $150 respectively. It is known for its simplicity of design and use. The other products are not popular and has major flaws like short life span, poor battery backup and poor design. The above products are available on the commercial websites like flipkart, ebay, amazon etc.

Based on the market survey done online, we can segment the market into three broad
• Demographic On the basis of age and income, o Professional golfers and golf course …show more content…

• Limited ability to pan across targets and receive updated distances

Competitor SWOT Analysis
Callaway IQ laser rangefinder Leupold PinCaddie

• Offers 6X magnification, which is the highest among Callaway range of rangefinders.
• Has an exceptionally bright and clear display.
• Active Brightness Control displays yardages in different colours depending on brightness of background within the viewfinder STRENGTHS
• Leopold’s DNA (“Digitally Enhanced Accuracy”) is its unique selling proposition which no other brand offers.
• 6x magnification
• not only the least expensive Leupold, but also one of the lower priced laser rangefinders

• Continuous scanning for distances limited to 5 seconds
• Active Brightness Control didn’t always activate in situations where we would have liked a brighter display
• Speed test we found that the Callaway iQ was about average among devices tested.

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