Personal Narrative: My Path To Personal Success

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But I never thought of breaking my friendship with any of these top students even after facing such small cruelties. We are all still friends! All I wanted to do was to improve myself and be someone like them. An intelligent, perfectionist and a winner! And let me tell you once I set my mind to anything I most certainly can get it done. Today I rarely find a well read or a well turned out person than myself. And I am proud of it because I worked very hard to be this person. And if I do find an accomplished, well read, articulate, and master of his / her field who remind me of my mom, dad or grandmother in anyway, I still get transformed into this ‘fan person’. So you can safely say I still think of myself as a loser! I had to work really hard…show more content…
But I think it is better to be of average success in all scenarios of life than to top a field say professional and fail at life itself. But till the end I am going to try to top in all aspects of my life professional, personal and…show more content…
Started receiving small wins third in a drawing competition, consolation prize in elocution etc. But slowly my confidence rose. If I did not win it did not matter but I started giving everything my 200%. Especially because I loved practicing with my mom. She had so much to do but I would follow her around from her chore to chore, reciting or reading aloud. I won many accolades in my school as I progressed drawing, elocution, debates, sports anything and everything. By the 8th standardard I had established myself as an all-rounder. Very popular, captain of my sports team, I have also won many prizes for my school in interschool competitions which really made me very popular and sought out. But nothing stellar academically was still happening. But I had developed this belief by then. I knew nothing was as hard it looks, it only needed persistent practice. In my final years I was head girl of my school! I think common things between all people who consider themselves as loser is that they are extra sensitive and emotionally delicate. Small nothings seem like big defeats or failures to them. It breaks there heart completely. If anyone can get over failure they can be successful. Success is not final, failure is not fatal or forever. It is the courage to continue that

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