Grand Theft Auto: How Video Games Affected Society

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Grand Theft Auto
Video Games, board games, sports games have always been around ever since we can remember, from centuries ago to the present. Except for the fact, centuries ago they did not have the technology to change the way games could be played by people. Today’s advancements have the technology to construct different kinds of games, to all sorts of board games, video games, and even to virtual reality games. They have also changed the way people interact with them in either a positive or in a negative way. Decisive games such as family type board games have affected society in a reasonable matter to assemble people to come together and have a magnificent time with one another. There are countless of positive video games, board games and sports out there but to equal to that there are negative games also that have affected
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It does state that the games ratings, for instance, C for children, E for everyone, M for mature, T for teens, and A for adults only, to know what to expect in each game. Video games are played by of all ages, and some play what they are not supposed to because for the sake of the how they could take in the information of the game. Do parents know what goes on with the games that their children want, to the ones that don’t play games, the parents have no clue what the game could be teaching their young children. The graphics that video games have now achieved, making the picture quality so realistic, has never been better ever since video games existed. Graphics have become so lifelike in Grand Theft Auto that everything has become so apparent. Grand Theft Auto has so much in the game that can influence the teens or even adults in society to think differently and corrupt the mind. In Grand Theft Auto it shows violence, gore, gangs, gun violence, and car theft content that the young children’s brain can pick
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