Great Horned Owl Research Paper

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The great horned owl is a predatory bird native to Saskatchewan. At the zoo they have one great horned owl on display. Her name is Spirit. Spirit is at the zoo because as a chick she punctured her eye on a stick while learning how to fly. There was no chance of vision recovery and after all the veterinary care she was getting the zoo keepers decided to use her as an educational assistant.
An invasive species is an organism (plant, animal, fungi or bacteria) that is not native to the ecosystem. The invasive species can also have a negative effect on the economy, the environment and our health. The great horned owl is not an invasive species but are a species control officer of sorts, by eating mice and other small mammals they keep the population …show more content…

In many places they are familiarized with their crate by having it in their current enclosure before their transportation date. When the day arrives animals are tempted with food and treats. Often zookeepers will drug the animal to reduce stress on the animal. In the wild great horned owls do not have many predators. Eggs and nestlings can fall prey to raccoons, foxes, lynx, coyotes, raptors, crows and ravens. Adult birds fall prey to other birds in their own species. Owls impact their habitat by eating small rodents, like mice and rabbits. These animals, if left uneaten affect their habitats by over population. Great horned owls are homebodies. Most banded owls have been found within eighty kilometers of their original banding site. Unlike many other raptors great horned owls are very protective of their young and stay with them until they are fully fledged. As mentioned before many owls are partners for life, and while they are raising young they live together but during the rest of the year they roost separately in the same area. These birds are very powerful and deserve our utmost respect. They care for their young, mate for life and control population. While these birds are not endangered their numbers are sporadic, protect the owls- they do so much for

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