Examples Of Greed

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The hate, greed, and ignorance of people have caused suffering for many others throughout the history of mankind. “If you are greedy or angry or ignorant (the three Buddhist poisons), you are condemned to an endless cycle of unhappiness.”(Arthur Dobrin D.S.W.) Hate and greed have overtaken people and have caused them to make actions that led to a genocide, or a mass killing of people. Ignorance did not help at all and actually kept the genocides going. An example of this would be the colonists and the Native Americans. The ignorance and greed of the colonists, who thought of only their own welfare, caused a great deal of suffering to the Native Americans. The colonists drove out the Native Americans off their land and transported them to land where the soil was infertile and where many of the Native Americans starved. Another example of this would be the Jewish Holocaust. Anti-semitic ideas, in the form of propaganda, and Adolf Hitler’s hate for the Jews drove him to start the Jewish Holocaust. The Holocaust was a…show more content…
The Nazis believed in anti-semitism and spread it throughout Germany to convince the non-jewish Germans that anti-semitism was okay. The Nazi Party spread that belief as well as their other beliefs and ideas using propaganda which was a powerful tool that was used during World War Two. Genocide, a mass killing of people, is what happened next when the Nazis start rounding up the Jews and putting them into ghettos and concentration camps. These 3 things were added up together and made the Holocaust, a genocide of mostly Jews that was caused by propaganda. “The Holocaust, the state-sponsored persecution and murder of European Jews by Nazi Germany and its collaborators between 1933 and 1945, is history’s most extreme example of antisemitism.”(United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,
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