Green Buying Behavior

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4.4 Price Has Negative Relationship with Green Buying Behavior of Millennials in Jakarta
Nowadays, due to the increase of number of people who are concerned about the environmental problems, the public willingness to purchase green products is also predicted to elevate (Kim & Choi, 2005, p. 592). However, the findings show there is another reason that lowering interest of Millennials in Jakarta to buy green product, which is the price of these products. Price is the imperative elements to attract Millennials to buy green products (Emgin & Turk, 2004, as cited in Boeztepe, 2012, p.10-11), since not all the Millennials have stability in finance. They might ignore the positive impact on environment if they purchase environmentally friendly products.
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It showed that there is a reason behind why there are only a few product lines of green products that are sold in the market. The high level of price of the green product itself is becoming the reason of why the green products cannot sell well in the market. This shows that there is a relationship between the price of green product and green purchasing behavior, which is negative relationship. After all, that negative relationship indicates that the lower price of green products, the more Millennials are willing to purchase these…show more content…
However, Millennials in Jakarta perceived green products as the expensive and premium products, which influence the majority not to buy green product for daily uses. Besides all those perception, Millennials still a favorable target market due to their desire to buy green product. Under those circumstances, the marketers could persuade Millennials to have green buying behavior by changing their brand positioning and strategies as well as lower the price of the products.
From the explanation above, the purpose of this research study is accomplished by examining several factors influencing of green buying behavior, to have better knowledge and perception towards green buying behavior, and to assess the most influential factor affecting green buying behavior.
There are two considerable outlooks for the future research concerning green buying behavior. First, examine more respondents in greater area to achieve broader findings. Then, utilize more variables as the dependent variable to have a better influential effect toward green buying

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