Gregory G. Garre Esq's Oral Argument

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Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, No.14-981. Transcript of Gregory G. Garre Esq’s oral argument on behalf of the Respondent. Pg.51, lines 10-13, & Pg.55, lines 7-9: Back in 2002, from a class of 8,000, there were only 272 black students enrolled; 90% of the time, it is typical for a normal size classroom of to have zero to one African American student. Id. General Donald B. Verrilli, Jr. agrees that in the event of two applicants’ criteria are exact alike, their race factors does “not necessary” matter in the admission office’s decision making. “The increasingly fierce competition for the decreasing number of seats available for Texas students outside the top 10% rule results in minority students being under-represented, and

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