Growing Up In High School

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Growing up I was the only student of Indian descent in my grade level until the 8th grade. It was due to this I was viciously bullied and assaulted growing up. The bullying negatively mentally and emotionally affected me and it was due to this bullying I had fallen into a bad group of "friends" during my sophomore year. These "friends" kept the bullies at bay and I started to accept them. One day they had convinced and pressured me to shoplift, or face being hurt, two packs of cards, which I unwisely did because I did not want to return to being bullied and feared being hurt. I was fortunately caught and given two class C misdemeanors for the incident. This incident allowed me to look at the past and come to the decision that what happened to me in the past should not impact me, especially negatively because in order to be successful I had to keep my head up high …show more content…

This event gave me a lot of time and thought to reinvent myself as a better person academically, mentally and socially. Before I was so socially anxious people standing next to me could barely hear my voice, but now that I follow my mantra if keeping my head up high I am more confident and definitely make better choices. The incident was fortunately the only incident and let me turn into a much better version of myself. Before, it was me that needed help but now I help others stay away from the mistakes I made so that they do not repeat those mistakes and I have even managed to improve myself enough to be able to take part in activities I could have never even thought about taking part in before the incident, being the Vice President of our school 's chapter of HOSA, being an active part of the STEM Senate at school and even becoming a model volunteer at multitudinous

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