The Gun Control Debate

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Gun control 64. 64 for is a very sad number. It is sad because it is the number of school shootings there were in 2015. That is 11 more school shootings than there were weeks in the year. As a result of the extremely high number of school shootings, the debate about gun control is more relevant than ever before. It is also a debate there is very to have an opinion about and the politicians’ opinions are also very divided in 2 camps where the president is on the side where they want a stricter gun policy and the gun lobby and the people in the National Rifle Association does not want the law any stricter. Obama wants to save peoples life. To do that he wants to limit the capacity in the guns and he wants to ban the assault riffles. We can …show more content…

He is the founder of “Mayors against illegal guns” and he does also want a stricter gun control. He made a commercial in 2013 that appeared in the Super Bowl commercials. Mayor Thomas Menino from Boston is by Bloomberg’s side in the commercial and they say the following “But we both support the second amendment and believe America must do more to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. You know over 600 mayors across the country agree on common sense reforms, that would save lives”. The meaning of their words are that even though they believe in the second amendment it does not mean that it is impossible to believe in a better safety for the American citizens. They have also gathered over 600 mayors to support them and also support Obama’s proposal about a severe gun …show more content…

On the one side we have for example Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Thomas Menino etc. They think that it will save innocent American citizens if there is a stricter gun control. Some off the proposal is about banning assault weapons and making magazines with more than 10 bullets illegal. That could save lives because assault weapons are more dangerous than regular weapons and it is impossible to kill as many with 10 bullets per magazine as it is to kill with for instance 20 or 30 bullets. There is also an opposite opinion to gun control. This side includes Wayne LaPierre and most of the congress. They think that it is a right side by side with freedom of speech and that it is the best way to maintain a high security for the American

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