Han The Role Of Guilt In The English Patient

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The death of a loved one can affect a person in various ways, in this case, Hana felt guilty as she couldn't be there for her father, Patrick. Patrick was her idol, “a white lion” and during his last hours, she couldn't save him. Hanna couldn't bear the death of her father and she “broke in Santa Chiara Hospital when an official walked down space between a hundred beds and gave her a letter informing her of her loss”. Due to her guilt, she was often asking herself questions like “Did her father struggle into his death or die calm? Does he lie the way the English patient reposes grandly on his cot? Was he nursed by a stranger?” She often worries about his loneliness during his last hours, which further encourages her guilt as she was not there with him. Furthermore, she …show more content…

[she] could have saved him or at least been with him till the end”. The feeling of guilt was intensified because she was a nurse caring for others, but was not there for someone so close her. Moreover, she suffered greatly throughout the war due to their separation which according to a psychologist Ms. Sibela Zvizdic “ is one of the main causes of emotional problems, [...] regardless of the age”. Due to this trauma, she stays behind in the Villa to take care of The English Patient whose injuries resembles those of her father who also looked like a “burned animal” when they found him. Therefore, Hanna uses The English Patient to redeem herself from the guilt and stay behind, refusing to acknowledge that he will die. After her father's death she “stepped so far back no one could get near [her] [....] Then [she] met him, the man burned black”. This further displays how The English Patient became an idol for her as “there was something about him she wanted to learn, grow into, and hide in, where she could turn away from being an adult”. Hana found a sort of a hideaway in him, that brought her relief from the pain and brought her back to the more innocent

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