Health Promotion In Heart Disease

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Cardiovascular disease is a term used to describe a large group of diseases that all have common risk factors and this term covers conditions such as chronic kidney disease, vascular dementia and Heart failure. ( Because of the vastness of the subject this essay will focus on the topic of health promotion in heart disease. Heart disease can have a major impact on the long term health of any individual person as this can often lead on to other related conditions developing. (British Heart Foundation) Because of the increased stress on finance and the increased loss of life the department of health put a plan together to help promote awareness and the importance of keeping your heart healthy. Over the last ten years or so there has been …show more content…

The aim of this essay is to focus on how health promotion is planned and implemented and what factor influence its success, what local and national policies come in to play when prioritizing health promotion campaigns. It will analyze all these factors and also focus on risk factors that can have an impact on Cardiovascular and coronary heart disease such as diet and …show more content…

The features of health promotion are that it is based on a holistic view of health; it uses participatory approaches it focuses on the determinants and addressing of health not just health problems and conditions. These include the social, behavioral, environmental and economic conditions that are the root cause of poor health, wellbeing and illness such as education, income, employment, working conditions, social status. Health promotion builds on existing strengths and assets and it uses multiple, complementary strategies to promote health for the individual, community and population level. These may include models such as the health belief model (G.M. Hochbaum, 1958) (Becker & Rosenstock, 1984) or the Stages of change (Trans theoretical model) ( Prochaska & DiClemente,

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