High Noon Movie Analysis

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When you watch movies and read stories, they're either incomparablely different or unbearably similar. So, when you find a movie and a book both similar and different in equal measures, and perfectly balanced between pure opposites and exactly the same, you're going to pay attention. In the story, The Most Dangerous Game, written by Richard Connel, Rainsford, the main character and world renowned hunter, falls of a ship and lands up on an isolated island. Here, the antagonist, General Zaroff, hunts humans for fun and decides to hunt Rainsford. In High Noon, a movie written by Carl Foreman, a lawman named Will Kane protects his town from Frank Miller, a criminal who returned from jail to get revenge on him. Despite his wife's distaste for violence…show more content…
However, the protagonists in the movie High Noon and in the short story The Most Dangerous Game much more relatable with believable reactions to situations and showing emotions like normal people. In the story, Rainsford shows his emotions. He shows his fear by saying "I must keep my nerve. I must keep my nerve" (Connel 17). His saying this shows that he is trying to stay brave despite his obvious fear. He also shows other emotions, like disgust, when he finds out that "game" General Zaroff is hunting. Unlike typical movie heroes, he shows emotions and acts like a relatively normal person in the situation, showing fear. In High Noon, Will Kane is also emotional, unlike many action movie protagonists. He asks that townspeople for help, whereas the typical hero would not ask for any help. He shows his obvious fear or Frank and getting in different ways. He makes a will because he believes he is going to die, he, at first flees from Frank in fear, and even cries at one point. Both characters show much emotion and fear and are atypical action film/story protagonists. They both also have a strong moral compass, as Will fights for a town that would rather be rid of him and Rainsford turns his nose up at hunting humans against his own personal benefit. The main characters of The Most Dangerous Game and High Noon have similar character traits and personalities, and are both atypical action film or movie main
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