Holocaust In Darfur

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Would there be an event like the Holocaust and again be ignored? Every inevitable dystopian event that is happening is starting to develop the event like the Holocaust, but many people have turned a blind eye on the events happening today. Although, many people could see the perspective on why people would turn a blind eye, but should know that these events would soon lead up to an event like the Holocaust. I agree that an event like the Holocaust can start again and be ignored because North Korea is making dangerous things, ISIS, who are miscreants, attack people, and people in Darfur are being killed.
To begin, an event like the Holocaust can start and be ignored again because in this period of time North Korea is creating chaos. North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has made a decision to make nuclear weapons; however, he has made the people, in North Korea, starve to death and made no one interfer. “The US mainland and its "operational theater in the Pacific" are now within North Korea 's "striking range," KCNA quoted Kim as saying.
He warned the US and South Korea to refrain from "hurting the dignity and security of North Korea"
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ISIS is a dangerous group attacks nations and are formidable or bring fear to others. “(CNN) - The United Nations described a joint suicide bombing that killed 80 people in Afghanistan as a "war crime," saying those responsible for the attack on a peaceful demonstration will be held accountable.
ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombing in the capital Saturday.” (Visser and Popalzai). The government should focus on the events that are creating dystopia, that would soon lead up to the Holocaust, and help those who are in need then ignore them. To end, an event like the Holocaust can happen and be ignored because ISIS is attacking while the nation should help those in

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