Home Depot Swot Analysis Paper

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Home Depot is one of my favorite stores, I can actually get lost between the isles, it may sound little strange for a women but I really enjoy the store. There is so many ideas items and thoughts floating around the store that I end up learning new things. I decide to write about Home Depot for my assignment, and do a little more research about a place that I enjoy. Home Depot is a publicly traded company, it was rated as number thirty three for the 2014 top 500 companies in the United State (Fortune 500, 2014). It is known that Home Depot is the world's largest home improvement specialty retailer, with 2,263 retail stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, 10 Canadian provinces and …show more content…

(Hitt et al., 2013), Home Depot set eight corporate values and or visions would help them continue their success and be able to compete and make necessary changes based on need for their mission. 1)Taking care of their employees because they are the key to their success they encourage them to voice their opinion, Home Depot identify and reward great performance by help and develop good talent. 2) Giving back to the communities by participating and partnering, with local communities to help develop a great society and be a good neighbor. 3) Doing the right thing by using best judgment and strive to recognize the impact of any decision then accept the responsibility of their activities.4) Excellent customer service they recognize quality customer service is the key to success by using large variety of high quality products, great services and competitive low prices and the customers use the maximum of these benefits.5) Creating shoulder value to create and provide the stockholders with what they need to allow Home Depot to expand and grow by getting them high returns on their investment 6) Building strong relationship by creating high integrity and honesty atmosphere with listing and promptly respond to the needs of the customers, employees, vendors and communities this way they know we treat them like partners.7) Entrepreneurial spirit by creating and inviting climate for innovative and creative ways to serve customer and help improve customer service and use best practices. 8) Respect for all people Home Depot believe that to stay successful respect to all diverse segments of the populations and no discrimination or harassment to any. (Farfan, 2015).The groups, individuals, or institutions that

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