Lowe's Organizational Structure

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Lowe 's Company Inc was originated in North Carolina in 1946. Carl Buchanan, proprietor of Lowe 's Co can be accredited for the Lowe’s evolution. Lowe 's evolved from a small hardware store to the 2nd largest home improvement retailer worldwide (History, n.d). In addition, Lowe 's is an international company with multiple stores located in U.S, Canada and Mexico. The organization 's extensive product collection comprises of appliance, hardware, building supplies, plumbing and more. In addition, they offer the following services: credit cards, installation services and extended warranties. Throughout the years of evolution, the organization pride themselves on sticking to their core values: "the company remains committed to offering high quality home improvement products of everyday low prices, while delivering superior customer service" (About us, 2017). Moreover, "our continued success depends upon maintaining these traditions, …show more content…

At the beginning of 2017, Lowe 's restructured their retail landscape. The organization implemented innovative technology to remain in touch with customers’ tastes and needs. In addition, made major staffing changes. Lowe’s consolidated the Assistant and Department Manager into a Service Manager position in which eliminates middle management. Service Managers are second in line to Store Managers. They are responsible for overseeing five or more departments. On average there are three to four Service Managers per store. The elimination of the middle management role was to have the ability and budget to procure more associates that can be on the floor, promptly accessible for customer demands and needs. Lowe’s completed this task a month later by hiring 1800 full time employees and 45,000 seasonal employees. Contrary to the organizations belief of creating an enhanced shopping experience, the staffing changes prompted a negative result of diminished customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduced employee productivity and low employee

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