Should A Home Health Aide Be Hired Or An In-Home Caregiver?

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Many seniors survive on a limited budget. When he or she finds they need extra care to remain in the home, decisions must be made. Should a home health aide be hired or an in-home caregiver? The key to finding the right individual for the job is to consider the unique needs of the senior. Once this has been determined, it becomes easier to decide who to hire for the job. One thing families need to remember is the services are not mutually exclusive and an individual in each position may be needed. When this is the case, help may be available to pay for this care.
Home Health Aides
Home health aides assist seniors with medication, IV therapy, wound care and more. Mobility training, wound care and occupational therapy also fall under their duties. Any care provided by a home health aide is prescribed by a physician, and the aide monitors …show more content…

He or she may be a CNA who is supervised at all times by a nurse, doctor or nurse practitioner. A doctor must write orders for any tasks the home health aide takes on, and the aide is responsible for documenting any care that is given to fulfill government requirements. These extra tasks taken on by the home health aide are what allow the services to be covered by public and private insurance.
To determine which type of care a senior needs, the family needs to sit down with his or her doctor and medical team. With input from all parties, a care plan can be developed. In many cases, both a home health aide and an in-home caregiver will be required to ensure the proper level of care, one that allows the senior to stay in his or her home.
In the event a patient needs home health care in addition to a personal care aide, we are happy to help. We work with home health agencies to ensure our clients have the help they need at all times, regardless of what is involved. Every individual needs to be able to remain independent as long as possible, and all we do is focused on this

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