Homeless Veterans In America Analysis

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Research Question: Why does the United States fail to acknowledge the population of homeless veterans in the country?
Source 1 MLA Entry:
Bowdler, Jo Ensign. "Health problems of the homeless in America." The Nurse Practitioner 14.7 (1989): 44-51.
Jo Ensign Bowlder, in the article “Health problems of the homeless in America” suggest that homelessness during this decade has become a social and political issue. Bowlder indicates that the increase of population in homeless brings more health problems. They are more at risk than the general population. He adds on how primary care providers can help improve this situation. Primary care providers can advocate for the homeless. Jo Ensign Bowlder argues that awareness needs to be spread out in order to improve the quality of service in health care. This relates to my topic because the government isn’t raising much awareness to the homeless needs and Jo Ensign Bowlder is trying to help the homeless by spreading awareness.
Source 2 MLA Entry:
Masten, Ann S., et al. "Children in homeless families: risks to mental health and development." Journal of consulting and clinical psychology 61.2 (1993): 335.
Ann S. Masten, in the article, “Children in …show more content…

Winkleby, in the article, “Physical, addictive, and psychiatric disorders among homeless veterans and non veterans” suggests that out of a survey taken in three shelters in California, 423 out of 1,431 homeless were veterans. In her article, Winkleby says that that combat and non combat veterans were at a higher chance of excessive alcohol consumption. However, combat veterans were at risk twice as higher of psychiatric hospitalization and physical injuries. Marilyn A. Winkleby states that these disorders could have been delayed before complications became major. This relates to my topic because a lot of veterans are exposed to serious mental issues and aren’t receiving any help from the government instead many are going homeless along with mental

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