Honey Bees Survival

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Honey Bees, those cute little insects that buzz their way around your picnic basket during the summertime. Bees don’t only buzz about and produce the golden honey we love to consume but, these cute insects are very important pollinators such as the bats, birds, butterflies, and bumblebees. Bees pollinate up to 30% of the worlds crop yields, many of these crops are our favourite foods such as: Cucumber , Muskmelon, cantaloupe, Nectarine, Peach, Pear, Plum, prune, Pumpkin,the list of fruits, nuts and flowers goes on and on.
Therefore this research task is aimed at investigating whether or not survival of the human population is greatly dependant on the existence of bee populations. The words ‘human survival’ relate to how bees are known to …show more content…

The loss of bees is extremely devastating in terms of crops and economic stability in regards to the crop yields and loss of much of the food in our super markets, ultimately resulting in a temporary shortage of certain products that may be vital in order to sustain a population regarding the consumption of foods, which will lead to a famine in some parts of the world.The colony collapse disorder is the result of various factors, even our fast paced economic life style has an effect on these beautiful little creatures. The fast paced lifestyle of today calls for higher profit and crop yields, but due to our booming industry, pollution has also increased causing global warming to occur. Global warming causes flowers to bloom long before or after pollinators come out of hibernationAnother huge factor is the use of pesticides, such as neonicotinoid. Pesticide use on farms results in the bees being killed and harmed, unable to carry out their specific duties. Habitat loss due to our fast paced lives is also a huge factor in killing our bees, development over areas, not leaving anywhere for the bees to actually live. This even includes areas that have been taken over by farmers in order to grow crops that need to be pollinated by …show more content…

Therefore this investigation is needed to eradicate the lack of knowledge and understanding pertaining to this particular subject, and educate people of the real complexities which are causing the loss of bees. With better knowledge and understanding of this, people may then be able to reduce the amount of bee population disappearance by acting in a reasonable manner which will benefit not only the human race but also the bee population and the ecosystems that are linked to

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