How Did Cleopatra Influence The World

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Cleopatra was born in 69 B.C. She was crowned queen with her brother Ptolemy vIII after her father’s death. As the queen of Egypt, Cleopatra is one of the most famous female rulers in history. She came from a family that ruled Egypt for over a hundred years. She is remembered for her love affairs with warlords from Rome that have helped her during the war times. Cleopatra has only been married twice in her life. Each time she married, it was with a brother. It appears that she only had sex with only two men. These two men happen to be Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, the most prominent Romans of the day. Even though they were married to Cleopatra, they had other wives as well. Cleopatra would only have one son by Julius Caesar. She have helped regain prosperity and peace to a country that was torn from the civil war and bankruptcy. Even though she was the wealthiest ruler, the relationship she had with Mark Antony confirmed her she was the most …show more content…

Some people suppose that beauty of Cleopatra was exaggerated and that her charm was attributed only to strength of character and mental charisma. However, it doesn’t really matter. No doubt that Cleopatra was an influential figure in the history of the world and it doesn’t matter how she did it. Maybe with the help of her beauty or with the help of her mind they both plays a role of influence to how people view her in society. Cleopatra will always have an outstanding personality despite the fact that she is being criticized by a lot men and women. A lot of books, articles, novels and films were devoted to Cleopatra, though interest to her personality will never become extinct. Cleopatra had very little impact on society and in spite of the fact that she acted as a feminist centuries before feminism came into vogue. She used her intelligence and femininity in the best interests to help provide for her country

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