How Did Little Richard Influence American Music

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Little Richards’s full name is Richard Penniman. Little Richard was

born on December 5 1932 in Macon, GA. Little Richard grew up in a poor

family. However, Little Richard was able to rise above the struggles that

occurred early on in his life and be able to leaf an impact on American

music. There were a lot of things that Little Richard did that helped him

leave an impact on American music. These things include his early

influences, the musical training and background that he had, his

performances, and the contributions that he made to the music industry. All

of these different examples above all show how Little Richard was a

gigantic influence on American music.

When he was younger Little Richard listened to a lot of different types

of music. He had …show more content…

The Beatles covered one

of his hit tunes called “Long Tall Sally”. However, he did not just leave

influences on just these two bands, but on the entire British Invasion. If it

weren’t for Little Richard The British Invasion and American music might

not have been as it became.

A lot of different events happened during Little Richards lifetime.

One major event that was going on during his lifetime was segregation.

During this time African Americans were treated extremely differently that

the whites were. One of the major ways that the blacks were treated

differently was how they always had to sit in the back of the buses while the

whites got to sit in the front. Also the African Americans and white had

spate bathrooms.

The final major event that happened during his lifetime was the Civil

rights movement. This was a big movement for the African Americans. The

biggest reason to why this movement was big for them was that it started an

end to segregation. The Civil Rights Movement also made it so African

Americans would be treated the same way that whites where. Finally, This

movement started to make life much easier on the African American

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