Mexican American Empowerment: The Chicano Movement In The 1960s

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The need for a better empowerment was what sparked the Chicano movement in the 1960s. This movement occurred right after the Civil Rights Movement because they seeked to bring back the land they once had, rights for their workers, and education reforms for people. The Mexican Americans wanted all their reforms to be contributed in labor. However, they lacked power in politics and needed to make an impact urgently. When John F. Kennedy was running for president, the latino community worked to elect Kennedy as president. When he was elected, he showed his gratitude towards the latino community by demanding to fix their issues. They were Mexican Americans designed to help prevent discrimination of their people. This movement was mostly because …show more content…

For example, the chicanos methods for the movement were boycotting, occupations, protesting, and school walkouts. It had a big impact in American society. This movement was influenced by the Civil Rights Movement; it made people want to stand up for what they believe in and get help from others to spread their message across the country. To make children what they want to be when they are older such as doctors, lawyers, and educators; having voting rights, getting paid fairly just like every American. If the Chicano movement never had happened then no Mexican American would have been treated fairly in the United States. Racism and discrimination towards the mexican Americans would still exist publicly. The chicano movement was one of the influences that helped shape our country and how it is today. Plenty of people believe that the movement is still alive today, that the message has stayed the same but with the delivery of technology, the still fight but in new ways compared to the past. They no longer fight out in the streets protesting, they join organizations on the internet and spread their messages, the chicanos believe that their mission isn’t accomplished yet because racism towards them still exists but not as big as before, but there’s still something that needs to be done. The Chicano movement has done so much for the future generations, it sparked a voice into everyone, making them brave enough to speak for their

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