How Did Theodore Roosevelt's Impact On American Society

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During the early 20th century, Progressive reforms and social and economic developments were key changes to the American society. President Theodore Roosevelt’s Square Deal platform, Big Stick Diplomacy, and his desire to expand progressivism reforms for Americans make him one of the top presidents of all time. Theodore Roosevelt was a standout amongst the most intense presidents that assaulted Trusts and companies to make them just so that everybody could flourish. At the point when Theodore Roosevelt went into office he made it his main goal to get everybody what they merited, a "square deal." In the Square Deal, Roosevelt ensured that he would be reasonable and he would not favor any group of Americans. Its biggest aim was to help middle …show more content…

He needed to manage things like the Russo-Japanese War. Roosevelt was successful in making peace between Japan and Russia in their struggle over control of Manchuria and Korea. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906, being the first American ever to win that award. He created a trust with the money he earned from this prize. In addition, when the U.S. was entering World War I he diverted the trust to help aid the war victims. A another important foreign policy was Roosevelt’s Big Stick Diplomacy. This was the proposal to negotiate peacefully but to also prove to the other nations that the military is powerful. Roosevelt felt that being prepared for conflict was the most ideal way the United States could avoid war. This idea was summarized by Roosevelt's saying “Speak softly and carry a big stick, and you will go far.” Another big achievement of Roosevelt was the construction of the Panama Canal. Great Britain gave the United States the privilege to develop and police a waterway over Central America. Great Britain permitted this saying that the waterway needed to stay free and open to any war vessels of all countries with no expenses. This aided the navy in a faster and easier travel. Lastly, he sent something called the Great White Fleet out. This fleet was where 16 battleships traveled around the globe. This helped Roosevelt prove that American Military power was growing. Progressivism turned into an effective development when Teddy Roosevelt first took office. He was renowned for trust busting which was fundamentally separating big monopolies. He was additionally a promoter for pro labor laws, safety rules, and fair trade. He also was in favor of conserving America's natural resources. He was responsible for the protection of 150 national forests, 18 national monumental sites and 5 national

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