How Does Darcy Change Throughout The Novel

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Xaria Morrison

Mr. Darcy develops an attraction towards Elizabeth very quickly in the novel after he delivers an uncomplimentary remark about her at a ball. He mentions her dark eyes, which managed to attract him, and inertly professes her intelligence. He finds her figure to be “light and pleasing” and acknowledges the “easy playfulness” of her manners. Yet, her circumstances potentially discourage any love from Darcy, including her lack of wealth and low social status. In light of this, he originally refuses to act upon his affection for her, regarding her as beneath his interest, but to no avail. Growing fond of her personality, he decides to break tradition and pursue her, and his affection continues to grow despite her indifference …show more content…

Darcy was triggered at any one moment; it gradually increased as her opinion of him changed. I believe that her affection for him aroused when she read the letter he handed her after she rejected his marriage proposal. In the letter, she learned that she was terribly misguided about Darcy and Wickham. Furthermore, her impression of Darcy changed as she realized her resolve to judge people too quickly. Aware that her prejudice against Darcy was incorrect, she had no choice but to face her newfound feelings for him. These feelings continued to blossom when she visited his home in Pemberley later in the novel. The housekeeper’s description of Darcy as the “sweetest-tempered, most generous-hearted, boy in the world” further convinced Elizabeth that she may have presumed incorrectly in the past. She was shocked to discover, upon Darcy’s sudden return, that he acted just as portrayed. "Never in her life had she seen his manners so little dignified, never had he spoken with such gentleness as on this unexpected meeting." Ultimately, she learned of Darcy’s efforts in the paying of Wickham's debts and in the arrangement of Wickham’s marriage with Lydia. These events revealed the depth of Darcy's true persona character, and she slowly fell in love with

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