How Is Percy Jackson A Hero

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Percy begins to doubt that he is capable of being a hero during the fight between him, Echidna, and Chimera because he feels as if Riptide, his sword, will cause minimal damage, and in this situation he’s not only trying to protect himself. First of all, before going into the elevator his suspicions lowered once Grover reassured him that there were probably no monsters since the smell is similar to that of underground. Once Percy got into the elevator, leaving Annabeth and Grover behind, he didn’t exactly expect the “chihuahua” to be Chimera, or the fat lady to be Echidna. He was baffled and caught in surprise unlike most of the other times where he was with his friends and they could protect each other. No, in this situation it was all on him. …show more content…

And once he lost his “only” weapon, to him the fight was already over. In his mind, he had already lost. Second of all, there was more pressure on him since he didn’t only have to protect himself and his friends who had the same potential to protect themselves. He had to protect a park ranger, and a whole family- everyone else who couldn’t really have done anything even if they tried. He needed to protect everyone else who were inexperienced and didn’t even think that this situation could possibly happen in real life. There was more pressure on him because if he failed to defend himself, then he would’ve failed to protect everyone else and they would all go down with him. Additionally, I do think that his doubts are reasonable. This situation was very different from the others, because even the smallest things can make a great

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