How To Be Pitbulls Essay

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Would you be surprised to learn that pitbulls are the number one dog being bred in America? There is 3-5 million pit bulls in the United States. They are also by far the most euthanized breed. 1 million pit bulls are euthanized per year, that is 2,800 per day. Most pit bulls are sweet, loving dogs. They are all individuals and they deserve to live. Pit bulls should not be put down just because of the stereotype that they are “aggressive breeds”. They all deserve a chance, even the aggressive pit bulls. The breed is not the problem, the owner is. 84% dogs involved in fatal attacks were abused or neglected. Mistreating an animal will make them fearful of humans, therefore, they will feel they have to defend themselves at all times. It will make them mean because people were once mean to them. It is a learned behavior. If a pit bull is aggressive, it still deserves a chance because they can be trained to be nice, and they can have the chance to learn that they can trust people. They can go to new, loving homes where they will not be abused or neglected. The pit bulls who do attack people likely have been abused to the point to where they can no longer trust people or they…show more content…
Not all pit bulls are aggressive, they are just taught to be. An example would be my boyfriends moms pit bull, Momo. They have had her since she was a puppy and she has never been aggressive towards anyone because they are not mean to her. It is common misconception that pit bulls are vicious. Their muscular body image and their blocky heads has given pit bulls the perception that it should be feared. For example, People can walk their dogs on a leash, who are also categorized as “aggressive dogs” and everyone wants to pet them and love on them. They don’t want them to be euthanized just because they look fluffy and cute. When people walk around with pit bulls, also on a leash, people want nothing to do with them because of how they
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