How To Establish A Personal Reflective Essay To Clarkson University

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The campus culture plays an immense role in the college experience. The last two years have thought me that showing up is only the start of ones journey to success; capitalizing on the college experience once there is an equally important requirement for success. One and a half years ago my admission to Clarkson University was arguably the happiest time of my life but today, it’s the hardest lesson I have learned of ones failure to capitalize on the promise of a college education by my lack of focus and maturity needed to be successful. My grades started to drop, my mood regressed which resulted in a further drop in my grade and then further mood regression …a perpetual spiral that led to my expulsion from school for failure to sustain the …show more content…

My parents are old fashioned and hardworking who grew worked very hard and earned every penny they have and the thought of squandering the sort of opportunity they never had was heart breaking. The look of disappointment on their faces was when I first realized that showing up wasn’t sufficient; capitalizing on opportunity was equally important. A new dawn arose when I decided to regain control of my life and enroll in a community college to rebuild my academic fortitude. Taking a step back and rebuilding my foundation for progress was one of my proudest moment; a moment I felt was all mine. I picked my major, my classes, and rather than consider disciplines my parents might want me to major in, I focused on what I wanted and, frankly, needed to regain the confidence and happiness I once felt when I was admitted to Clarkson University. My Major in Business Administration is what wanted and I have enjoyed every day of school so far. Now that I am enjoying college again, I have decided to apply to __________________________ University and I believe it is what I need to give me the tools and life skills for fulfilling my long-held ambition of being an

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