The Importance Of Dogs In Everyday Life

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Ever since I was little, I had always wanted a dog. Whenever I was around a dog, I continuously felt calm and happy, like I was always protected, and I wanted to bring v that feeling to my own home. As I got older, my love for dogs never weakened, but strengthened. I continuously tried to convince my parents to get me a dog until they gave into the constant begging. The first month after getting a dog was an eye-opener. Caring for a dog is hard work, but completely worth it. After purchasing a puppy, I felt happier and much more energetic. But the most surprising thing was how well this tiny little puppy could emotionally connect with the family without knowing what we were saying.
This led me to start thinking, how can dogs benefit a person’s …show more content…

Dogs are animals who exclusively live in the present, making them not worry about the past or the future. This makes them a good role model for us humans; for the practice of living in the present reduces stress and enhances our overall physical and mental health. Last, owning a dog in our later life can be found as beneficial as owning a dog as a kid, for both circumstances can keep us more healthy. First of all, it promotes responsibility by keeping older people more sharp. Next, it keeps them more active which could potentially avoid many health issues. Last, dogs can reduce feelings of loneliness on elderly more than any other age. Next, this brings me to the results of my own experiment. Everyday for a week, I went over to my dog an hour into doing homework and petted him for 10 minutes. Every day I self-reported feeling less stressed out after petting my dog, but I reported feeling the biggest drops in stress on the nights before a test. I concluded my mini experiment by stating that dogs do in-fact drop blood pressure and release dopamine and serotonin into the …show more content…

After completing my research and the research aspect of my paper, I learned how beneficial and important a dog or even a pet in general could be to a person’s mental health. Just petting a dog can add years onto your life. First of all, by having access to a dog you can reduce stress and anxiety levels, making dogs extremely important for students and working adults. Second, loneliness is easily exterminated by dogs, for their companionship makes people feel like they’re needed. Third, dogs are very social and happy animals, making them a good way to make friends through. Fourth, they lower the likelihood of depression. Fifth, they improve the quality of life and benefit people young and old. This research was very significant to me in many ways. First, it made me realize that dogs could potentially save lives, which is a huge deal. I feel like many people know the physical benefits of dogs, but not the mental, which is just as important. Also, It amazed me how easily I could find so many valuable resources if I spent my time trying to do so. At first, I was worried about finding enough resources, but in the end, I ended up with more than I

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