How To Write A Letter To Congress Dbq

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Document A: The Rhode Island Assembly wrote a letter to the Congress, addressing them that they don’t agree with placing taxes on imported goods. The Congress wanted to place taxes on imported goods as a source of income, but first, all of the states had to agree with this. This was around the time when the Articles of Confederation were ratified. Their central government was based on the Articles of Confederation; yet, they had weaknesses in some areas. Taxing was one of their weaknesses. The Congress didn’t have the power to enforce taxes on imported goods, so they discussed it with the states. Rhode Island didn’t agree with putting taxes on imported goods, and therefore, the congress wasn’t allowed to do it. In the letter, the Rhode Island Assembly proves that this tax is contrary to the constitution, and thus, it shouldn’t be …show more content…

Because of that, The British remained on American soil, and they violated the Treaty of Paris. The Treaty of Paris stated that the British had to leave America. In the document, Jay says that America has to regain every territory that the British has taken away from them. Also, at the same time, the Mississippi River was in control of the Spanish. As a result, trading became problematic in America, since the Mississippi River was a major trade route. Since Jay didn’t have an army to force the British out of America, he used his words to persuade them. Document E: After America defeated the British, land claim conflicts arose among the states. America eventually came up with a solution. The solution was that the government will sell the land west of Pennsylvania and north of the Ohio River, and the money collected will go to the treasury. This way, the states would have to pay less tax. Then there was the Northwest ordinance, which set up the northwest territory, and it also set up a procedure that allowed new states to enter the

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